Recognizing the interconnectedness of past and planned asset operations, health, and use-life, Maestro leverages native domain knowledge and continuous prediction-validation feedback to automatically identify opportunities for operational improvement and empower leaders and operators with real-time directives and automated workflows that predictively ensure value transformation.

Seamless Integration with Existing Infrastructure
Real-Time Data Collection, Correction, Structuring & Correlation
Native Domain Knowledge & Unsupervised Learning
Automated Prediction, Directives & Workflows

Dynamic Asset Sequencing

Continuous Improvement

Centralized, real-time, fully integrated data processing, predictive modelling, and automated control and feedback to guide instantaneous operational improvement

Optimized asset Performance

Automated Machine Learning

Unparalleled granularity of modelling, control and feedback at asset and system levels accelerates learning and drives transformational aggregate benefits at speed and scale

Intelligent Maintenance

Prescriptive Automated Action

Empowering leaders with real-time solutions for operational optimization through targeted directives and automated control capabilities

Infinitely Scalable

Purpose-built to leverage legacy infrastructure and self-adapt to dynamic operating environments​

Continuous Prediction- Validation

Real-time asset and system level performance correlation verifies impact, informing model accuracy and validating benefit delivery

Total Transparency

Verifiable performance tracking and constant alignment of operations with business objectives to deliver and sustain transformational change